A R T I S T I C . O R I S O N S

calligraphy, colours and music

Advent & Christmastide





DSC0056bisNoli tardare


Come, Lord, and delay not.

    verse of 4th Sun of Advent


pen and ink on paper, letters cut out,

held between 2 sheets of glass.

  13cm x 20cm














Ad Te levavi animam meam.


To you, Lord, I have lifted up my soul.

  Introït of 1st Sun of Advent, Ps. 24,1


photocopy on transparent plastic

of original in pen and ink on white paper,

30cm x 21cm











Copie de sculptures 026



Christus natus est nobis


Christ is born for us.

Invitatory  of Matins of  the Nativity.


carved and painted polystyrene,

85cm x 65cm














Salus aeterna apparuit humano generi.


Eternal salvation has appeared

to the human race.

matins of the Nativity

(Hodie nobis caelorum rex),

30cm x 21cm 









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